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Web server

Monthly fee 9.9019.9039.90
Setup fee
Free trial period expand30 days 30 days 30 days

Free trial period

All of our current server models are available for a free trial period, at no cost and without obligation. Before the end of the trial period, you simply inform us if you do not wish to continue, and that's that.

Minimum contract expandNone None None

No minimum contract

There is no minimum contract period. A contract may be terminated with 30 days notice to the end of a month.

Server location expandSwitzerland Switzerland Switzerland

Server location

Our servers are housed in our own dedicated data­centre in Herrliberg, Switzerland.

Monthly transfer volume Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Network connection 1000Mbit/s 1000Mbit/s 1000Mbit/s
Hardware HP Proliant HP Proliant HP Proliant
Disk space expand20Gb 35Gb 50Gb

Disk space

The allocated diskspace is available for storing web-content, database content and email.

Additional diskspace expandNo 0.50/Gb/month 0.50/Gb/month

Additional diskspace

Additional diskspace is available in blocks of 10Gb at CHF5.00/month.

Domains expandUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited


A domain is a key element of your website. When you visit a website, e.g. "www.hostsuisse.com", "hostsuisse.com" is the domain name, "www" is a hostname. There is no limit to the number of domains you may use.

Subdomains expandUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited


A subdomain is e.g. "www", such as in "www.example.com". You may have any number of subdomains as well as any number of levels. For instance, these are some two-level subdomains: "www.apple.example.com" and "www.orange.example.com".

System management features
Raw logfiles expandYes Yes Yes

Raw logfiles

The raw Apache logfiles are archived daily and made available in the download area in the admin interface.

Comprehensive statistics expandYes Yes Yes

Comprehensive weblog statistics

We provide you with comprehensive weblog statistics in a highly customizable format. These are available, daily, weekly or monthly, either emailed direct to you or made available in the download area of the admin interface.

Cron jobs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Content upload expandFTP FTP FTP, SFTP, Rsync

Content upload

FTPThe webserver, database and mailserver are hosted in environments shared with other customers.
SFTPeater control of resources and service level.
Rsynceater control of resources and service level.
FTP accounts 15Unlimited
Secure shell access No No Yes
Automatic backup Daily Daily Daily
Support expandIncluded Included Included


Email and telephone support is included with all our server products. Our support desk can be reached Monday to Friday between 0700 and 1900 CET. On weekends and outside these hours we operate a 24x7 on-call system where your emails and phone calls are diverted to the duty person.

Webserver features
Custom error messages Yes Yes Yes
Protected directories Yes Yes Yes
URL rewriting No Yes Yes
Language auto-negotiation Yes Yes Yes
Server Side Includes Yes Yes Yes
IDN support expandYes Yes Yes

Internationalised Domain Names

IDNs such as "böög.ch", "århus.dk" and "football.РФ" are supported without limitation.

SSL/TLS expandNo SNI Yes

Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security

W121SSL is not supported.
W122Server Name Indication only. Note: SNI is not currently supported by all browsers. See wikipedia::SNI for more information.
W123Full SSL/TLS support. Certificate required.
Perfect Forward Secrecy expandNo Yes Yes

Perfect Forward Secrecy

In public key cryptography, perfect forward secrecy (PFS) is a property of the key-agreement protocol that ensures that a session key derived from a set of long-term public and private keys will not be compromised if one of the (long-term) private keys is compromised in the future.
All Hostsuisse webservers with SSL support have PFS enabled.

PHP Yes Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes Yes
CGI No Yes Yes
SMS interface expandNo Yes Yes

SMS interface

Short SMS'es (160 characters) can be sent via a PHP interface or via email. When the free allocation is used up, SMS'es are charged at CHF0.15 each. For larger volumes, please inquire about bulk purchase.

MySQL databases 15Unlimited
Email features
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email addresses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Auto-responders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email catchall expandYes Yes Yes

Email catchall

An email catch-all address may be designated to receive all email sent to unknown/undefined addresses.

POP3 and IMAP Yes Yes Yes
Webmail expandYes Yes Yes

Roundcube Webmail

All email accounts are also accessible via webmail at e.g. mail.<yourdomain> or any other subdomain of your choice.

Per-account quotas expandYes Yes Yes

Per-user email quotas

quotas To help you manage the available disk-space, you have the option of setting a quota per email-account. For instance, you may set a quota of 1Gb per account.

Sieve filters expandYes Yes Yes

Sieve server-side filtering

Email may be filtered using the Sieve filter language . Sieve is an extremely powerful filtering facility, enabling sorting mails into folders, auto-replies and even running server-side scripts. Sieve has a plethora of extension modules, see e.g. sieve.info .

Spam filter expandBasic Basic Basic

Spam filter

Our basic email-filter is included for every email-account. The basic filter removes an estimated 80-90% of spam, which we consider fully sufficient for private, non-commercial use. For business use, we partner with Spamchek , the leading Swiss provider of managed email security, to offer their enterprise-class anti-spam solution in combination with our hosting solutions.

Virus filter expandClamAV ClamAV ClamAV

Virus filter

We use the open source ClamAV software to protect your email from virus, trojans etc.

Managed email security expandn/a Optional Optional

Spamchek managed email security

The standard spam and virus protection provided is fully sufficient for private use. For business use, we partner with Spamchek, the leading Swiss provider of managed email services, to offer their enterprise-class anti-spam solution in combination with our hosting solutions.

Mailing lists expand15Unlimited

Mailing lists

GNU Mailman, a fully automated mailing list manager. Fully customizable set of management web-pages, comprehensive multi-lingual support, separate list management roles.

One-click applications
Wordpress Yes Yes Yes
Joomla! Yes Yes Yes
Mediawiki No Yes Yes
TYPO3 No Yes Yes
Moodle No Yes Yes
ownCloud No Yes Yes
Magento No No Yes
Others on request No Yes Yes
Datacentre features
Time service expandRadio-controlled (DCF77)

NTP service

Our datacentre is equipped with a stand-alone DCF77 receiver. The stratum-1 time signal is provided as an NTP network broadcast available to all servers.

Service Level Agreement SLA document
EBK RS 99/2 expandFully compliant

Eidgenössische Bankenkommission Rundschreiben 99/2

datacentre The EBK circulars 99/2 and 99/2-1 outline requirements for outsourcing facilities when used by Swiss banks and financial institutions. Our datacentre is fully compliant with the guidelines of the EBK RS 99/2. For further information please contact sales@hostsuisse.com.

Green power expandHydro-, wind- or biomass-power

Green power

naturemadenaturemade Our datacentre is powered and cooled by renewable energy certified by the external link Swiss VUE (Verein für umweltgerechte Energie).


Virtual server

29.90/month Xen guest, 512- 2048Mb memory, 100-400Gb disk, 1Tb traffic.

More ...

Dedicated server

49.90/month Intel dual/quad core, 1-8Gb memory, SAN or local disk, unlimited traffic.

More ...

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