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Web server

9.90/month Apache, MySQL, PHP, 25-100Gb disk, unlimited email-addresses

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Virtual server

Monthly fee 39.9049.9059.90
Setup fee 9.909.909.90
Free trial period expand2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks

Free trial period

All of our current server models are available for a free trial period, at no cost and without obligation. Before the end of the trial period, you simply inform us if you do not wish to continue, and that's that.

Minimum contract expandNone None None

No minimum contract

There is no minimum contract period. A contract may be terminated with 30 days notice to the end of a month.

Server location expandSwitzerland Switzerland Switzerland

Server location

Our servers are housed in our own dedicated data­centre in Herrliberg, Switzerland.

Monthly transfer volume Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Network connection 100Mbit/s 100Mbit/s 100Mbit/s
SAN connection expand1000Mbit/s 1000Mbit/s 1000Mbit/s

SAN network

Your server is connected to our high-speed, high-availability SAN cluster over Gigabit ethernet.

Hardware HP Proliant HP Proliant HP Proliant
Virtual processors 111-2
Memory (ECC) expand512Mb 1024Mb 2048Mb

ECC memory

For reliability, all of our servers are equipped with ECC memory. Single-bit errors are automatically corrected, dual-bit errors are reported to the operating system.

Disk space expand50Gb 100Gb 200Gb

Disk space

Diskspace is served over high-speed iSCSI from our high-availability SAN cluster.

IPv4 address expand111

IPv4 address(es)

All dedicated server models come with one IPv4 address.

IPv6 network expand/64 /64 /64

IPv6 network

All virtual and dedicated server models come with a /56 IPv6 network at no extra charge.

System management features
Backup space expand50Gb 50Gb 50Gb

Backup space

In addition to the diskspace allocated per server, you have the option of backing up key data to a separate backup area, accessible by ftp or rsync.

Recovery system expandYes Yes Yes

Recovery system

If your server is having problems booting up, the recovery system enables you to intervene early enough to be able to fix such boot problems remotely.

Service monitoring expandYes Yes Yes

Service monitoring

We offer pro-active 24x7 monitoring of your services. You configure which services you wish us to monitor, e.g. SMTP, HTTP, FTP etc. If a service becomes unresponsive, you will be notified by email or SMS.

SMS notifications expandYes Yes Yes

SMS notifications

We provide notification by SMS for certain server events: power on, power off, boot up as well as for service monitoring.

Traffic monitoring expandYes Yes Yes

Network traffic monitoring

We provide comprehensive monitoring and statistics of your network traffic. By actively monitoring your network traffic, you may be notified when thresholds are exceeded ...

Support expandIncluded Included Included


Email and telephone support is included with all our server products. Our support desk can be reached Monday to Friday between 0700 and 1900 CET. On weekends and outside these hours we operate a 24x7 on-call system where your emails and phone calls are diverted to the duty person.

Operating systems
openSUSE (32/64bit) expand12.3 12.3 12.3

openSUSE 12.3, 32 or 64bit

We currently offer a minimal system install of openSUSE 12.3 in either 32bit or 64bit versions.

Debian expandIn preparation


debian logo Depending on the level of interest, we will be offering support for ready-to-go Debian images too.

Fedora expandIn preparation


fedora logo Depending on the level of interest, we will be offering support for ready-to-go Fedora images too.

CentOS expandIn preparation


centos logo Depending on the level of interest, we will be offering support for ready-to-go CentOS images too.

Ubuntu LTS expandIn preparation

Ubuntu / Ubuntu LTS

ubuntu logo Depending on the level of interest, we will be offering support for ready-to-go Ubuntu / Ubuntu LTS images too.

Custom expandAny network installable OS.

Any network installable OS

In addition to the pre-prepared system images, you're welcome to install and run any operating system that can be installed over the network.

Datacentre features
Time service expandRadio-controlled (DCF77)

NTP service

Our datacentre is equipped with a stand-alone DCF77 receiver. The stratum-1 time signal is provided as an NTP network broadcast available to all servers.

DNS service expandIncluded

DNS service

dns24 logo Courtesy of DNS24 (also hosted by Hostsuisse), all virtual and dedicated server models include free DNS service.

Service Level Agreement SLA document
EBK RS 99/2 expandFully compliant

Eidgenössische Bankenkommission Rundschreiben 99/2

datacentre The EBK circulars 99/2 and 99/2-1 outline requirements for outsourcing facilities when used by Swiss banks and financial institutions. Our datacentre is fully compliant with the guidelines of the EBK RS 99/2. For further information please contact sales@hostsuisse.com.

Green power expandHydro-, wind- or biomass-power

Green power

naturemadenaturemade Our datacentre is powered and cooled by renewable energy certified by the external link Swiss VUE (Verein für umweltgerechte Energie).


Dedicated server

49.90/month Intel dual/quad core, 1-8Gb memory, SAN or local disk, unlimited traffic.

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