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Corporate headquarters
ENIDAN Technologies GmbH Bergstrasse 170 8704 Herrliberg info@enidan.com +41 (0) 44 914 42 00
Type of company
Legal form: limited company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung).
Commercial registry
CH-, Zürich
9 June 2004
General manager, CEO
Per Jessen
VAT number
CHE-111.709.273 MWST

Web server

9.90/month Apache, MySQL, PHP, 25-100Gb disk, unlimited email-addresses

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Virtual server

29.90/month Xen guest, 512- 2048Mb memory, 100-400Gb disk, 1Tb traffic.

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Dedicated server

49.90/month Intel dual/quad core, 1-8Gb memory, SAN or local disk, unlimited traffic.

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