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Per Jessen, founder and CEO:
Hello and welcome to Hostsuisse!

Hostsuisse is a Swiss hosting provider based in Herrliberg outside Zürich. Combining the time-honoured traditions of Swiss hospitality and Swiss engineering, we offer a com­prehensive suite of hosting services, second to none.

Switzerland. A stable political climate, a modern telecommunications infrastructure, a multi-lingual population in the centre of Europe, a thorough understanding of quality and very strict data protection regulations. These compelling reasons have long ago made Switzerland the world leader in wealth management, watch-making and pharmaceutical science and they are now the reasons why Switzerland is rapidly becoming a world leader in IT service management.

Small is beautiful. As we continue to be expanding rapidly, it is important to us that we also continue to operate as a small company, lest we lose sight of our mission and our customers. Rather than trying to grow into a large layered/hierarchical organisation, we believe both Hostsuisse and our customers are better served by an organisation made up of smaller, tightly knit teams of highly experienced professionals.

Background. Hostsuisse is based on the engineering skills that created Spamchek and more recently also DNS24. Many Spamchek customers prefer one-stop shopping, so we have long been hosting websites and providing email services for our customers too. Internally largely unnoticed, these services grew steadily and organically, recently reaching a level where more orchestrated approach had to be considered.

Hostsuisse is a wholly owned subsidiary of ENIDAN Technologies GmbH of Herrliberg, Switzerland. Other ENIDAN Technologies products and trademarks include: Spamchek, DNS24, and Archsuisse. ENIDAN Technologies GmbH is still fully privately owned by the original founders.

Web server

9.90/month Apache, MySQL, PHP, 25-100Gb disk, unlimited email-addresses

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Virtual server

29.90/month Xen guest, 512- 2048Mb memory, 100-400Gb disk, 1Tb traffic.

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Dedicated server

49.90/month Intel dual/quad core, 1-8Gb memory, SAN or local disk, unlimited traffic.

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